Questionnaire on NHA


Alexei Grinbaum

Alexei Grinbaum Ph.D., HDR, is a physicist and philosopher at LARSIM, the Philosophy of Science Group at CEA-Saclay near Paris. His main interest is in the foundations of quantum theory. He also writes on the ethical and social aspects of emerging technologies, including robotics and artificial intelligence. Grinbaum is a member of the French national ethics committee for digital technologies (CNPEN) as well as of the French ethics commission for research in information technology (Cerna). His books include "Mécanique des étreintes" (2014) and "Les robots et le mal" (2019).

Leonel Moura

Leonel Moura is a conceptual artist, pioneering in the application of robotics and artificial intelligence in art. Leonel produced a wide range of robots that paint, generate poetry and play in theatre: ArtSbot, 2003, RAP (Robotic Action Painter), 2006, RUR, 2010 İSU. RAP is displayed as a part of a permanent exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History, NY. In 2009 the artist was appointed European Ambassador for Creativity and Innovation by the European Commission.

His books include "The Surrealist Robot" (2019), "Nonhuman Art" (2015), "Poesia Robótica (Robot Poetry)" (2009).

Edward A. Lee

Edward A. Lee, Professor of the Graduate School and Robert S. Pepper Distinguished Professor Emeritus in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley. Professor Lee's research group studies cyber-physical systems, which integrate physical dynamics with software and networks. He focuses on the use of deterministic models as a central part of the engineering toolkit for such systems. He has led the development of several influential open-source software packages, notably Lingua Franca and Ptolemy. 

Author of books: "The Coevolution: The Entwined Futures of Humans and Machines" (2020), "Plato and the Nerd: The Creative Partnership of Humans and Technology" (2017), "Introduction to Embedded Systems: A Cyber-Physical Systems Approach" (2017).